Sulava Women in Tech Breakfast 17.12. - Cancelled


Due to new event restrictions on Uusimaa-area we unfortunately have to move our event. We will organize a new one 2022 and you'll hear about it in Women in Tech -network channels.

If you wanted to participate 'cause you are thinking of the next steps of your tech career or want to find a new direction in your professional journey and you wish to hear more about SulavaAcademy 2022, read more about the Academy (in finnish) on our website. Information about the upcoming Academy will be updated on our website when the recruiting starts.

Sulava is a pioneer in Microsoft cloud technologies with extensive and in-depth experience in introducing Microsoft technologies to employees’ everyday lives and companies’ business operations. From 2010, we have been a trailblazer in utilising the Microsoft cloud.

We carry our customers into the works’ future. We enable the utilisation of the competence capital of the entire organisation and build new innovations on a foundation of existing knowledge.