Metaverse Use Cases: Digital Twins of Venues

Turn existing physical venues to eCommerce solutions, intranets and other virtual assets by using 3D scanning

Digital twins of existing physical spaces are easy to create using simple 3D scanning. They enable numerous business cases depending on the type of the venue and the digital layer we want to build on top of the 3D model. Some examples:

  • Hotels, restaurants, entertainment and real estates: Scan your most impressive properties into 3D models to enable innovative marketing, better customer experience and new business models.
  • Virtual galleries and shops: Turn your physical gallery or shop into an eCommerce solution. 
  • Hospitals and other public spaces: Helping visitors to navigate, providing check-in experience, showing customer history data and other functionalities in one place.  
  • Guiding company employees: Any company can scan their office buildings and provide the traditional intranet type of content on top of that, in context and location-based, which makes finding information easier for the end-user. 
  • Employee training and onboarding: The intranet type of approach of scanning offices can be extended to any environment from car repair shops to restaurant kitchens and hospitals for training purposes.

Digital twins provide a platform for numerous business scenarios that can be imagined only after seeing one. For example, we can bring data and AI on top of the models or jump inside of them using VR headsets. Thus, we encourage every company to get started with our quick and dir... productive proof of concept project, that takes just weeks to complete.

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Project Manager and Information Systems Planner, Inkeri Saiku from Helsinki University Hospitals