Metaverse Use Cases:

Metaverse Retail Experience

The new shopping experience

The new shopping experience will allow the user to see their physical products in detail, seeing the colours, shapes, and sizes as in real life. This can also include videos and interactive content, making shopping not only easy but exciting. People can shop for both virtual and physical goods while in the experience.

This will bring even more value when shopping for holidays and other experiences. Hotels, resorts, and amusement parks digital twins show premises and offering as virtual experience in the metaverse, where people can move around, reserve tickets or rooms, buy goods, tag locations for their interest list and interact with games.

Customers can also engage with other visitors, holograms (static guides repeating information) or talk to interactive bots and actual people from sales or customer services who have been holoported to the metaverse.


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Project Manager and Information Systems Planner, Inkeri Saiku from Helsinki University Hospitals