Metaverse Use Cases: New Employees’ Preparation

Reduce the real onboarding time and make new employees to feel welcome

This metaverse solution enables onboarding new employees even before they start working.

When an employee has signed the contract, they are given access to new employees’ metaverse where they can learn about their new workplace and get to know about processes, buildings and layouts in 3D model – especially about those relevant to their work. New employee can watch videos and view other content in the right context that will reduce the real onboarding time. They can even meet other employees as avatars. This way they already feel familiar to the site from the day one.

We can also add speech to text, translation services and custom voice with text to speech that can be used to create a multi-lingual personal and people imitating bots that understand and speak on person’s language.

The great quality pre-onboarding experience makes new employees feel welcome, sense the spirit of the company and know that they have just started to work for a first-class employer.

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“Our cooperation has been extraordinarily functional, versatile, and flexible. We’ve received help in the design and implementation of the whole IT-environment, and the consultants dedicated to us have been providing us a wide range of help. Also, Sulava employees know Microsoft products excellently and always know what’s coming,”

Project Manager and Information Systems Planner, Inkeri Saiku from Helsinki University Hospitals