Metaverse Use Cases: Executive Meeting Space

Enhance the meeting experience

The Executive Meeting Space in metaverse will enhance the participants’ meeting experience by making them feel like they are in the same fully immersive space. It will be customised according to your company's brand and other requirements, and it will allow content sharing to be more engaging that in a Teams meeting, or even a regular face-to-face meeting.

Our vision of the Executive Meeting Space is Operations Room that can be created for different needs and purposes: Executive Board meetings, meeting with partners, project room, In-situation room for crisis management or for data driven decisions and leadership needs.

For example, for Executive Meeting space would have latest report dashboards, data, 3D objects, and documents available for board members, and ability to show videos and add interactive elements such as voting. Organizers would be able to invite right people to join them in the space and it is possible to facilitate the presentation with tools.

We also want to bring metaverse’s benefits in the face-to-face meeting lifecycle for the people who are visiting customers’ offices.


This pre-meeting experience can include:

  • Get to know the people who you are meeting in the form of holograms
  • Meeting agenda
  • Security, parking and building information: where and how to arrive, what to know in advance
  • Sharing meeting materials in advance for reading and commenting
  • Post-meeting follow-up

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