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Take advantage of the potential of metaverse in your organization.

What is Metaverse and what opportunities it can bring to your organization, such as business and business process development, employee experience, employee training, or work practices? How is working life changing due to the possibilities of metaverse?

Workshop agenda:

  • What is Metaverse?
  • Microsoft metaverse offering currently available
  • Hybrid work with metaverse
  • New meeting and collaboration experiences with metaverse
  • Digital twins - 3D models of actual or future spaces
  • Connected spaces - how real spaces can be easily connected to the metaverse
  • How can your organization benefit from metaverse
  • Our unique model to build the first metaverse solution for the client with real data in a week

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“At Sulava, we look at metaverse primarily from the perspective of developing our customers’ work, work culture, competence, competitiveness and productivity. We see as much potential in the metaverse as it once was at the dawn of the Internet or in the cloud transition.”

CEO Aki Antman, Sulava